Urban Foraging

  1. Foraging for a Healthier Planet: Nature was the original supermarket. Even in the cities, urban foragers can find a bounty of shoots, fruits, berries, nuts, and mushrooms. (Article by Wildman Steve Brill in Common Ground Magazine.) (USA)
  2. The Neighborhood Forager - A Guide for the Wild Food Gourmet: A book by Robert K. Henderson ISBN:1552633063 (Canada)
  3. Food for Free - The Joys of Urban Foraging: Listen to this BBC Radio 4 interview. It’s not often people pass up the offer of something for nothing but when it comes to free food it seems that most of us ignore the abundance right under our noses. Jenni discusses the foods you can forage for in the most unlikely urban settings with Gennaro Contaldo, chef and owner of Passione, Charlotte St, London and Sue Style, author of Fruits of the Forest. (Audio) (UK)
  4. Ethical Wildcrafting: Wildcrafting is stewardship of the Earth. Wildcrafting is the gathering of plant material from it's native "wild" environment. Wildcrafters need to be concerned about damaging or depleting our inheritance from nature. Wildcrafters are looking for a way to connect with nature for the day and finish with some plants for food, medicine, fiber or art. Here are some recommendations for wildcrafting with integrity. (Global)
  5. Foraging and Ethnobotany Links Page: This page offers a variety of links to educational institutions, associations and organizations, individual websites, foraging theory sites, and so on. (USA)


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