Community Building: Singing

  1. Denis Donnelly - Community Choir Leadership Training: Imagine … a world where every city, town, and neighborhood had a community choir, one where the music of many cultures and faiths was celebrated. Imagine … a non-auditioned choir in your community where all were welcome. Imagine … that this choir could support and engage in powerful community-based activities. Traditional cultures have always known that group singing has a power unlike any other to bind people together. There is an ancient African concept, ubuntu, which speaks of our interconnectedness and interdependence. It means “I am because we are.” What defines us as individuals is achieved through our relationship with others. Nowhere is this more evident than in a choir — a great place to learn and practice ubuntu spirit.... In today’s North American society, music has become largely commercially oriented toward performance by the few for the many. The deeper promise of music for all has been forgotten. Many people who loved singing as children haven’t sung since. Others were designated “non-singers” by thoughtless adults, and have carried this musical wounding all their lives. We believe singing is everybody’s birthright, and holds a key for the healing of the world. For leaders who want to bring together communities of singers both confident and new, those who were wounded and those who haven’t yet found a home for their singing, the Community Choir Leadership Training Program will provide the tools for creating and maintaining a thriving vocal community.... While community choirs like this have become quite common in the UK, they are still relatively new to North America. People here are yearning to sing together.... (Canada)
  2. The Village Square: The Village Square is a unique celebration of Community Singing Traditions from around the world, including Sharpenote (Sacred Harp), Shaker tunes, South African choruses, Balkan and Georgian styles. Favourites Old and New. "We gather to sing together, for pleasure... without the anxieties of public performance," explains Alan Gasser, one of the project's leaders. Public performances are not the objective of this new Toronto-based gathering, which is open to anyone who likes to sing. The group meets to sing "with" and "for" each other, and warmly welcomes new singers. (Canada)
  3. The Mid-Winter Singing Festival: Did your family sing while doing the dishes? Do you sing on long car trips? This festival is for you. Even if your voice isn't as good as you want it to be, that doesn't matter. This weekend is for people who love to sing. This weekend will spread a little warmth on two chilly, winter days. For monthly community sings, click here. (USA)
  4. Natural Voice - Practitioners Network: We believe that singing is everyone's birthright and we are committed to teaching styles that are accepting and inclusive of all, regardless of musical experience and ability. (UK)
  5. Shivon Robinsong - Building Community Through Vocal Harmony: Anyone can sing! And singing together in harmony is a vital source of energy and connection, accessible to everyone. (Canada)


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