Sustainable Technologies: Education and Demonstration Centres

  1. Falls Brook Centre: At Falls Brook Centre [a community education and demonstration centre in rural New Brunswick, Canada] we strive to put our values into practice. Through the development and promotion of meaningful demonstrations, we hope to show it is possible to live more lightly in our environment while contributing positively to the local economy. We work on a range of successful regional and international programs that support local communities and organizations to adapt to a sustainable future. (Canada)
  2. The Arcosanti Project - An Urban Laboratory: In 1970, the Cosanti Foundation began building Arcosanti, an experimental town in the high desert of Arizona, 70 miles north of metropolitan Phoenix. When complete, Arcosanti will house 5000 people, demonstrating ways to improve urban conditions and lessen our destructive impact on the earth. Its large, compact structures and large-scale solar greenhouses will occupy only 25 acres of a 4060 acre land preserve, keeping the natural countryside in close proximity to urban dwellers... Arcosanti is an educational process. The five week workshop program teaches building techniques and arcological philosophy, while continuing the city's construction. Volunteers and students come from around the world. Many are design students, and some receive university credit for the workshop. But a design or architecture background is not necessary. People of many varied interests and backgrounds are all contributing their valuable time and skills to the project. Week-long silt sculpture workshops and Elderhostel programs offer other ways to be involved. At the present stage of construction, Arcosanti consists of various mixed-use buildings and public spaces constructed by 5000 past Workshop participants. (USA)
  3. Utne Institute (newly forming): Utne Institute is an educational foundation devoted to promoting opportunities for community building, informing people of fresh ideas and solutions to contemporary challenges and amplifying independent voices in the media. (USA)
  4. Everdale Organic Farm and Environmental Learning Centre: The Everdale classroom is a fifty-acre property. It encompasses a working organic farm, a model home, classroom, forests and meadows. It boasts demonstration models of operating, sustainable technologies. The teachers are specialists in the areas of straw bale construction, solar and wind systems, farming, and eco-landscaping. (Canada)


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