Urban Forestry

  1. TreeLink: Urban Forestry is the informal abbreviation for Urban and Community Forestry. When you think of a city, you probably don't automatically think of trees. Isn't a city a collection of buildings, pavement, and parking lots? Yes, but cities are also built with trees and open spaces. In fact, trees are a vital contributor to the health and wealth of any urban landscape. The emerging science and work of urban forestry is an exciting and growing phenomena that integrates the built environment with the natural environment. Our goal is to place trees and urban forestry on the sustainability agenda, sometimes referred to as smart growth, new urbanism, and green infrastructure or low impact development. (USA)
  2. Human Dimensions of Urban Forestry and Urban Greening: [This site] features research on peoples' perceptions and behaviors regarding nature in cities. (Global)
  3. SA Urban Forest Biodiversity Program: The UFBP provides technical advice and support to assist the implementation of regional biodiversity priorities. It aims to foster increased participation in local projects by the wider community. The program works closely with Councils to promote communication and consultation on local native vegetation and habitat conservation issues. (Australia)
  4. Food and Trees for Africa: In 1990 a group of concerned individuals, representing the major greening organisations in South Africa, came together with the realisation that the real environmental crisis in this country centred on people and uplifting quality of life. They recognized that a simple way of achieving this was through the greening of these unhealthy, denuded and degraded landscapes. This was the birth of Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA), the first (and still only) national non-government, non-profit, greening organisation in South Africa. (South Africa)
  5. Tree Canada: Tree Canada is a charitable organization which partners with local volunteers to improve our quality of life by planting and caring for trees. In your neighbourhhoods, schoolyards, parks and in the countryside, Tree Canada leaves a living, breathing legacy for generations to come. (Canada)
  6. Groundwork Thames Valley: Mission Statement: To build sustainable communities through joint environmental action. Our projects engage local people and motivate them to improve the quality of their life by using and improving the local environment. (UK)


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