Shelf Life - Selected Books and Journals

  1. Superbia! - 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighborhoods: Superbia! is a book of practical ideas for creating more socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable neighborhoods. It is about remaking suburban and urban neighborhoods to serve people better and to reduce human impact on the environment. By Dan Chiras and Dave Wann (2004) ISBN: 0865714908 (Book)
  2. Terrain.org: Terrain.org, a Journal of the Built & Natural Environments, is a twice yearly online journal searching for that interface—the integration— among the built and natural environments, that might be called the soul of place. It is not definitely about urban form, nor solely about natural landscapes. It is not precisely about human culture, nor necessarily about ecology. It is, rather, a celebration of the symbiosis between the built and natural environments where it exists, and an examination and discourse where it does not. The literary, journalistic, and artistic works contained with Terrain.org are of the highest quality, submitted by a variety of contributors for a diverse audience, including some of the finest material previously appearing in Terra Nova: Nature & Culture. The works may be idealistic, technical, historical, philosophical, and more. Above all, they focus on the environments around us—the built and natural environments—that both affect and are affected by the human species. (On-Line Journal)
  3. Real Goods Solar Living Sourcebook - The Complete Guide to Renewable Energy Technologies and Sustainable Living - 12th Edition: Do you want to harvest sunlight, wind or falling water to power your home? Or sell that renewable energy back to your utility company? Are you looking to build your dream eco-home? Or to convert to biodiesel and minimize your fossil fuel use? This fully-updated classic of sustainable living technology tells how and gives you access to the world's most extensive selection of hardware to make it all happen. Edited by John Schaeffer (2005) ISBN: 091657105X (Book)
  4. The Not So Big House - A Blueprint For The Way We Really Live: People are naturally drawn to intimate spaces. Large structures inspired by outdated patterns tend to result in houses that just don't work. In The Not So Big House, Sarah Susanka proposes clear guidelines that include designing for specific lifestyles, budgeting, building a home from scratch, and using energy-efficient construction. By Sarah Susanka (2001) ISBN: 1561583766
  5. Behaving As If The God In All Life Mattered: Machaelle Small Wright is a spiritual pioneer with the profound ability to "see" and "hear" the invisible forces of nature. Her personal story is one of triumph, from a childhood of torment and isolation to discovery of her ability to communicate with the world of nature spirits and devas. At "Perelandra," her 45-acre private nature research center in Virginia, Machaelle devotes her life to understanding and demonstrating a new approach to ecological balance: * The foundation and development of co-creative gardening * The ecological effects of humans * The roles of the animal, mineral and plant kingdoms * Humankind's unrealized custodianship of Planet Earth. A book beyond theory, Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered will excite the minds and capture the hearts of all who dare to dream of a dynamic world of harmony and compassionate living. By Machaelle Small Wright (1997 - 3rd revised edition) ISBN: 0927978245


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