LETS - New Money

  1. LETSystems - New Money: An overview of LETSystems, local currencies and the future of money by Michael Linton, designer of the LETSystem. (Article)
  2. LETSystems - the Homepage: Includes the LETSystem Design Manual by Michael Linton and Angus Soutar. (Global)
  3. Short Circuit: This website includes the entire original text of the book, 'Short Circuit' [written by Richard Douthwaite], together with updates on individual sections. (E-Book)
  4. LETS in Australia: Local Energy Trading Systems - People trading goods and services using alternative currency. Non profit, community focussed. (Australia)
  5. LETS Link UK: LETS are revitalising communities throughout Britain. As grassroots initiatives they are open to everyone - people of all ages, skills and abilities; local clubs and associations; voluntary groups, charities, community initiatives; housing co-operatives, small businesses and local services - helping everyone to give and take, connect to new resources, and find a genuine community identity. (UK)
  6. LETS-linkup: International LETS Group Directory. (Global)


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