Social Ventures

  1. Renewal Partners: Renewal Partners is building a portfolio of businesses for which the natural world and societal well-being are of equal importance to financial return. We believe that profitable enterprises with maximized social good are a necessary formula for a viable economic future. We focus on supporting ventures based in British Columbia. In an increasingly globalized world, we believe the creation of a more robust and restorative local economy will become the province's greatest long-term competitive advantage. (Canada)
  2. Social Venture Network: Founded in 1987 by some of the nation's most visionary leaders in socially responsible entrepreneurship and investment, Social Venture Network (SVN) is a nonprofit network committed to building a just and sustainable world through business. SVN's mission is to inspire a community of business and social leaders to build a just economy and sustainable planet. SVN promotes new models and leadership for socially and environmentally sustainable business in the 21st century. We champion this effort through initiatives, information services and forums that strengthen our community and empower our members to work together on behalf of their shared vision. (USA)


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