Green Economics

  1. BALLE - Business Alliance for Local Living Economies: BALLE is a growing alliance of independently operated local business networks dedicated to building Local Living Economies. It is our mission to catalyze, strengthen and connect these local business networks. (International)
  2. Green Economics: Green economics is the economics of the real world—the world of work, human needs, the Earth’s materials, and how they mesh together most harmoniously. It is primarily about “use-value”, not “exchange-value” or money. It is about quality, not quantity for the sake of it. It is about regeneration---of individuals, communities and ecosystems---not about accumulation, of either money or material. (Canada)
  3. Renewal Partners: Renewal Partners is building a portfolio of businesses for which the natural world and societal well-being are of equal importance to financial return. We believe that profitable enterprises with maximized social good are a necessary formula for a viable economic future. (Canada)
  4. Renewal Partners - Seeding a Conservation Economy in British Columbia: 50 Year Planning, 500 Year Thinking: A Seed Capital Model (Article)


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