Sustainable Communities - Vision into Reality
One Day National Conference

QE II Conference Centre, Westminster (London, UK)
Friday 31st March 2006

If you are involved in sustainable communities, in a professional or voluntary capacity, this conference will be invaluable to you.

The creation of sustainable communities is high on the [British] Government’s agenda. The ‘Delivering Sustainable Communities Summit’ in February 2005 included the presentation of the Deputy Prime Minister’s Award for Sustainable Communities 2004. This conference uniquely offers a chance to share best practice with last year’s finalists and the winner from 2003 at one event.

This conference will share the experience of those involved with the creation and maintenance of sustainable communities. It uniquely offers a chance to learn from the experiences and lessons learnt by the winner, Grange Park Community Project, Blackpool, and finalists of the Deputy Prime Minister’s Awards for Sustainable Communities 2004 together with the winner of the 2003 Award.

One of the judges from the Award Panel will share his insight into the creation of sustainable communities. Jess Steele, Deputy Chief Executive and Operations Director of the British Urban Regeneration Association, will be looking at all of last year’s finalists to examine common themes and key innovations. The opening address will be made by a senior Cabinet minister.

All the speakers are passionate about making a real difference to people’s lives across a wide range of services.

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