Shelf Life - Selected Books and Journals

by Ronald Wright (2004)
ISBN: 0887847064

  • Ronald Wright, one of this country's [Canada's] intellectual treasures... takes his readers on a sweeping educational tour of history and every continent's previous civilizations... This excellent book should be required reading at the White House. Bronwyn Drainie, Quill & Quire
  • I don't care if you have never read and will never read any kind of book at all, but you must read this one. [Wright] achieves in a mere 132 pages what another author couldn't manage in 1,300... Wise, timely, and brilliant. Paul William Roberts, Globe and Mail
  • An elegant and learned discussion of what the rise and fall of past civilizations predict about our own: nothing good. Maclean's
  • Ronald Wright draws less-than-comforting lessons about our future from our past... his arguments are compelling and necessary. Saturday Night
  • Concise, urgent, and at times darkly prophetic... A Short History of Progress [is] timely, razor-sharp, grimly accurate. Dennis Choquette, The Varsity
  • If you read one book about impending doom this year, make it this one. Christine Sismondo, Ottawa Citizen
  • Rarely have I read a book that is so gripping, so immediate and so important to our times. Jared Diamond will be jealous! Robyn Williams, ABC
  • Provocative... Already a bestseller in Canada, Wright is now making his biggest mark since his debut novel (A Scientific Romance, 1997) attracted wide attention... Illuminating and disturbing, and expansively documented. Kirkus Reviews


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