Green Transportation

  1. Surviving Peak Oil - A 12-Step Journey to Oil-Free Travel: An article by Guy Dauncey first published in Yes Magazine September 2004, special issue on "Living Without Oil". (Canada)
  2. Car Sharing: Car sharing is a revolution in personal transportation - mobility for the 21st century. Car Sharing provides flexible wheels for an urban lifestyle. It's instant-access to a network of cars throughout the city, 24 hours-a-day, paying-per-trip, without commitment or inconvenience. (North America)
  3. CAMWEST - Street Reclaiming: Camwest is an advocacy group of dedicated cyclists who work with local Councils, the RTA and other bodies that provide for cyclists in Western Sydney. (Australia)
  4. GreenTrans: GreenTrans looks for long term solutions to environmental, social and economic problems generated by current modes of transportation. GreenTrans is a non-profit organization which advocates environmentally, socially and economically sustainable transportation policies and programs. (Canada)
  5. BEST (Better Environmentally Sound Transportation): BEST’s mission is to make our communities healthier places to live by promoting sustainable transportation and land-use planning, and pedestrian, cycling and transit oriented neighbourhoods. Our mission statement has a broad vision, not only to address environmental, health, and safety concerns relating to transportation issues, but also to increase empowerment and solidarity in the community with respect to these issues. BEST is a membership-based, non-profit charity that works with individual citizens, governments, educators, youth, volunteers and special interest and community groups to create healthy and sustainable communities for everyone. Since its origin as a bicycle group in 1991, BEST has evolved into an integrated voice for all aspects of sustainable transportation, and has become the largest community-based, non-governmental organization devoted to sustainable transportation and land-use issues in western Canada. (Canada)
  6. Transportation Alternatives: Encourage bicycling, walking and public transit as alternatives to automobile use, and reduce automobile use and its attendant environmental and social harms. (USA)
  7. Victoria Transport Policy Institute - Lessons From Katrina and Rita: An article by Todd Litman discusses what major disasters can teach transportation planners. (Canada)
  8. Moving the Economy: We work to develop sustainable transportation/New Mobility by: Connecting and promoting transportation choices for moving people, moving goods and moving less; Catalysing innovation in sustainable transportation/New Mobility; and, Spurring the growth of the New Mobility industry. (Canada)
  9. UCUE - 2002 Assembly Report: The public transport and priority to pedestrians and bicycles as a basis for the quality of life in capital cities. (Europe)


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