Green Power

  1. WindShare: Since 1999, the WindShare Co-operative in Toronto, Ontario has a been working to provide an opportunity for the local community to own and direct its energy future. Understanding the simplicity of working in harmony with nature...recognizing the value in using a 'free fuel'...WindShare members do not wait, they lead. (Canada)
  2. Bullfrog Power: Our mission is to provide practical energy choices that enable people to create a sustainable world for future generations. At Bullfrog Power, we believe businesses can serve a vital function as community leaders in promoting and fostering responsible environmental action. We are a "double bottom line" company that maintains a dual focus on environmental responsibility and profitability. The company has pledged that 10% of profits will be donated to non-profit organizations that support long-term sustainability. (Canada)
  3. Electricity Choices - Solar, Wind and Other Renewables: Ever thought of installing solar panels or a wind energy system at your home or cottage? What about adding a solar hot water system for your home? The cost of renewable power systems is dropping and the advantages are steadily increasing -- from protection against power outages to improved air quality. You might be surprised at what you can achieve by adding a couple of solar panels, a solar hot water system or small wind turbine to your roof. (Canada)
  4. Nova Scotia Power - What is Green Power?: Respect for the environment is the hallmark of Nova Scota Power's approach to generating, transmitting and distributing power in Nova Scotia. Everything we do is guided by a central philosophy and supported by a variety of environmental initiatives. Take a moment to learn about about our approach in more detail. (Includes a Greenhouse Gas Calculator) (Canada)


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